02 February 2009

New Artist Alert: Justice's Proteges

Amidst destroying dance floors across the world, releasing a documentary about their American tour and designing their own clothing line, the two Frenchmen who combine to form the electro juggernaut, Justice, have somehow found time to collaborate with other artists. Here are three acts that Gaspard Auge (the Mustache) and Xavier de Rosnay (the China) have recently worked with:

I. Poney Poney
Poney Poney are a French garage rock trio who teamed up with the China on "Cross the Fader." Although Xavier's influence is ostensibly limited to the tight drums, crisp guitars and liberally applied sound bites, it's interesting to see his take on a new genre. The end product isn't half bad either.

Poney Poney - Cross the Fader (feat. Xavier de Rosnay)

II. Birdy Nam Nam
Just ignore the ridiculous name because beneath it are four prize-winning French turntablists, who over the course of their careers have churned out a variety of different music and have recently set their sights on electro. Birdy Nam Nam handed Justice a song that was recorded mostly live, which they didn't intend on adding to their latest album, Manual for Successful Rioting. Justice worked their magic and handed them back something akin to "Waters of Nazareth" and "Planisphere." The Justice influence is obvious: a heavy kick and dramatic synthesizer build-up that gives way to a distorted bass line and glitch-y melody. But it's Birdy Nam Nam's samples and turntable work that make this song more brutal than anything Justice would have produce alone.

Birdy Nam Nam - The Parachute Ending (feat. Justice) (mp3)

III. Midfield General
Midfield General is a producer from the U.K. who moved to Paris and befriended Ed Banger Records, Justice's label. He served as an executive producer on Justice's single "D.A.N.C.E." and, seemingly to repay the favor, the China worked alongside the General on the first single off of his new album, General Disarray. The bass line has a similar ring to "We Are Your Friends" (it's also strangely similar to Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust"--I smell a mash-up!). It also features Vila from the Bumblebeez rapping pretty damn well for a little white girl. I feel like this song would be on dance floors everywhere if only people knew about it.

Midfield General - Disco Sirens (feat. Vila, Xavier de Rosnay) (mp3)


  1. No wonder I loved Birdy Nam Nam

  2. Enjoyable tunes and bios. I really enjoyed the Poney Poney video.