07 July 2009

Pick Up Line of the Week!

As we all know I am currently disabled (i got hit by my mom's car), but for some reason guys are coming on to me stronger than ever. It could be the fact that I am unable to run away quickly enough or because I look like a damsel in distress. But this guy today, I have no words for. His pick up line made no sense.

I am walking on the sidewalk. A young blond guy looks me in the eye and says "I hope you had a nice trip" and as I attempt to limp away from him he continues "see you next fall".

What is that?! It hella left me confused trying to figure that one out.


  1. HAHAHA! He wasn't trying to pick you up, just making fun of you.

  2. no dude he was being totally pervy about it. And we're in summer?! Why is he talking about fall?

  3. Aileen, he is totally making fun of you...LMAO!

  4. Alright FINE! Maybe that's why it made no sense.

  5. that guy was corny

  6. Aileen - consider the fact you're injured. Now...

    "have a nice trip", trip = to stumble over something.

    "see you next fall", fall = to fall down

    Makes sense now right?