10 September 2009

Dear Readers & Fellow Fans

Lately I've been the only person still contributing to this blog. Everyone is growing up and too busy to put in their own two cents. I no longer want to be the lonely blogger. If you like my blog posts you can follow me on my own personal blog sexoavecdulce or look out for me on streetcarnage.

I will come back when the others return, but for now my creativity will go back to its home base where it's appreciated.

Peace, Love & Sexiness like a Kitten's Purr.
Aileen Awesome :D


  1. there are several things we need to figure out here, we as in all of us.

    who are our readers? is it just for us now? was our attempt to become a blog brand to the masses over?
    once we figure out who's reading this, it can lead to more posts. some people are more inclined to contribute if its to people we know mostly, some are inclined to contribute to be read by anyone and everyone.

    we need to RE-figure out the point of the blog. did we find facebook msgs ineffective, was this a good way to share things we discovered, opportunities for us to explore, events to attend. are we sharing funny things, or doing more opinionated pieces. sharing new music or just simply sharing our views. or all of the above. whats our focus?

    there was more contributions in the beginning, why? whats the difference now and how can we create posts now? what is relevant to us? what should be posted, what shouldnt be.

    we could just accept the fact that yes we've lost contributors: arv and you have to routinely contributing to another site, ppl are in higher -higher education, and the rest of us are just trying to finish our first time around

  2. I think we need to put this site on hiatus for now. With school, work, parties, and other blogs all competing for our energy, Rough Draught just fails to be a priority.

    Perhaps we can revive it during a long holiday or the summer recess.