13 July 2010

Chuck E. Cheese Day

In the spirit of eating overpriced frozen pizza and being surrounded by toddlers that'll kick your shins over to Siberia if you take too long at the air hockey table, Arvind and I decided to take my 11-year-old sister Gabriella to Chuck E. Cheese's. It was really the other way around, but who'd let a 6 foot tall bearded Muslim into the ball pit (which there was none!) without two little Jews at each of his sides?

Arvind disappointed by the lack of cheese oozing off of his pizza slice.

Many of our childhood memories of going there as youngsters were drowned in the actuality of our tiny past statures, along with our countries obsession with large flat screens.

Currently, the arcade is the main selling point for the store, but years back, the spotlight beamed on the animatronic band shows which were known as "cabaret's."

Chuck E. Cheese's cabaret show circa 2006.

Whereas character cabaret shows stood tall for what Arvind and I remembered as children, those shows have been long replaced with monstrous television monitors, lighting hocus pocus, and highly impersonal interactive elements. Clearly, I'm in grief.

After eating and complaining over our nostalgic disappointments, we set out to play some games. It was difficult to find any that kept our minds satiated for more than 30 seconds, but one Western, hoedown of a shooting game stole our fingers and won best of show.

Arv and Ange Shoot: Chuck E. Cheese Series, July 2010

Gracious curtsies (everything is cuter with an 'ie') to Gabriella for the photos, and for putting up with her mature sister and her adorable boyfriend.


P.S. We were too pooped by the end of all of our play to stand in line and redeem our prizes (WE GOTS 26 TICKETS!), so if anyone's up to going with us and possibly getting kicked out hood-rat style, let's do it.

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