22 November 2011

New artists every month

I'm super excited that this blog has found a second (third?) life in it.

I remember at my last birthday when I asked, oh yeah so Aileen and Vic got back together? and everyone else was like, Where have you been? I advocated a friendly "email newsletter what have you" of sorts while everyone else was like, use facebok. Dude! But its more than that. Facebook has its place. And I think this blog does too. To share whatever the fuck you like.

Anyways, you might have notice that the art changed around here. I'm hoping to change the RD imagery every once a while, changing the person every month or so.
This month, we're featuring polaroids by my friend Rita. (She doesn't contribute to this blog and she doesn't know I'm using her work.) Here is her blog: http://polarita.tumblr.com/

Happy posting y'all!


  1. http://polarita.tumblr.com/post/9014845258 is beautiful! your mind (or at least mine) can see mountains (top of the frame), but if you let your eye wander a little below (till about the middle of the frame), it looks like a desert. then i see a horizon amongst an ocean on the bottom part of the frame.

    does rita buy her polaroid film from the impossible project?

  2. She buys newer batches from the impossible project.

    She had actually stocked up on polaroids as they were declaring they were donzo (i had to but not as much) but all of our stock is past expired now, which explains the trippy ones that couldn't really take.

    But also some of the early stock of the impossible project was volatile.. so I'm actually not sure which one this particular polaroid is