25 February 2010

formspring.me to the next level


here is a video of a guy i went to high school with

his personality/branding/whatever is Sir Vintage
he does a blog, has twitter, a formspring, etc.
i feel he is a good example of using social networking effectively for his image, whether or not its productive is another story. he updates constantly, which is important for keeping a following

i post his video because i think its taking the whole formspring idea and pushing it into some weird honest voyeuristic place that i cant decide right now if its good or bad but titillating
i generally dislike youtube videos of people expressing their opinions about whatever (like who are you and why should i care about your comentary) but something about this type of video, being honest about something thats not quite tangible and didnt need to be revealed..
identity in the technological age is a funny thing

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