24 June 2010

RD is getting a face lift..

I was quite fed up with the way blogger looks and runs, so I basically changed the template to a width that's fluid instead of fixed.

Overall this blog needs a lot of help and contribution. If you don't want to worry about it's design, don't fret.
But please feel free to use this as an open workspace.


  1. Kat, this is a beautiful design! Good job.

  2. thanks buddy, but i mostly tweaked the css in a template i downloaded
    still needs some working though
    but thanks!

  3. Awesome work on looking after the blog, Kat.

  4. hey if you guys have laptops
    can i get screen grabs of how the blog looks like full size?
    im trying to see if the layout holds up on smaller screens
    email to me if you can, thanks