03 December 2008

Madison Park...

... is often home to public art projects, like Tadashi Kawamata's "Tree Huts" (a project which must have been a massive failure as I could not find photos of it in any popular press). So while crossing through the Park today and coming across the scene pictured above, I naturally assumed it was simply another installation.

Before I had much time to ponder the artistic intention behind the stage surrounded by lights or the diamond-shaped wreath suspended from the air or the couple kissing beneath it, I was approached by a solicitor. She explained that it was a charity/raffle event, "When Forever Began." $5 was going to be donated to Elton John's AIDS something or the other for every person who was photographed. Although it wasn't mentioned, I assumed the event was hosted by De Beers, the diamond cartel of questionable moral standing. I figured it was only right to bleed the beast as much as possible, so I hopped online. When my turn came, I stood beneath the wreath and, according to the photographer, a series of cameras placed around the stage simultaneously photographed me--you know, Matrix style. They gave me a reference number and told me I'd be able to check out my pic online sometime tomorrow.

If you're interested in participating, I overheard that the event is running through Thursday. The wait was a bit long, but there was free hot chocolate to compensate. And after all, it's for a good cause. Plus, you know that deep down you're a vain person who likes his or her picture taken.

P.S. Participation also enters you in a raffle to win a diamond, ladies.