01 December 2008

TWC gives me a headache.

Every time I go to pay my TWC bill, I am faced with a different challenge. Two months ago, I was told I accidentally received some "premium" channels, and that I'd have to pay for them in order to get them back. An hour later, I was given the service for one additional month. A month ago, I was informed that TWC charges one month in advance, which was a bit troubling, but I dealt with it. I just spent the past hour haggling with a ghetto, high strung woman about my cable fee nearly doubling. Then, she realized that I was being incorrectly charged, and her tone completely changed. Now I have to change my cable box, and won't be able to record shows. Should I pay the additional $10 fee? Capitalism sucks.

1 comment:

  1. Television will eat your soul... and apparently your bank account as well.