29 December 2008

Secret Santa '08 Wish Lists

I hope you had fun drinking and exchange presents. If you didn't get what you really wanted, well, you shouldn't have put it on your wish list.

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Low - Just Like Christmas
Wham! - Last Christmas
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ok here goes the list....

i like:
shirts, scarfs, make-up, and anything else i'll appreciate..


hennessy vs 750 ml
glenfiddich 12 year 750 ml
jack daniels 750 ml
quervo 750ml
1800 750ml
dog poop scooper
any t-shirt at image store or yellow rat
pink xbox 360 controller

Let There be Blood DVD
Film (any kind)
Film (seriously, any kind)

1. Really cool condoms - like wrappings/glow in the darks/etc.

there is a store called the condom store in the west village

2. Really cool panty-hose, weird colors/patterns/out of the norm but yet stylish

could be found anywhere they sell pantyhose: bloomies, american apparel, underwear stores, that pantyhose store in penn station

3. Vibrator!!!!!! (super serious)

Could be found at any sex shop in Manhattan. Please make sure it has super strong vibrations, is washable and safe, as well as long lasting meaning I could replace the batteries!!! Ask the salesgirls at these places for their favorite pick. Or you could hit up the sexshop babeland something.

1-Gift cards from any of the following :
Barnes and Nobles, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, H&M, Forever 21, ebay?, and Bath and body works.

2- Take me someplace to get my holga film developed and pay for the film development. It isn't more than about 12 or 13 dollars.

3- Some really good weed, preferably in the amount of a dub, but whatever you can afford.

4- OH, if you're a photographer or artist, something home made.

1. A pack of socks, or wife beaters. Please not white. Size small for the wife-beaters, for the love of God, not size 9 if you're going for the fucking socks. I have small feet. If it says it fits up to size 9, don't grab them, they will be too big for me. Size 5 or 6, pl0x.
2. http://store.dieselsweeties.com/products/secret-kisses-shirt-herschl-the-hook-up-hare-edition Women's American Apparel, size Medium pl0x.
3. http://www.tshirthell.com/funny-shirts/swallow-or-its-going-in-your-eye/ Ladies, size Medium, black. pl0x.

0 - 10: A winter hat of your choosing, I have a head that fits both medium and large sized hats.
10 - 20: A highly-acclaimed work of fiction published in the past 5 years.
20-30: A snazzy sweater. Size can vary from medium to large depending on the store.

Here it is. Stuff can be used (except maybe the socks), or found, whatever.

- a fiction graphic novel that can be described as fucking awesome

- a cool looking "The Art of . . ." concept art book for an animated movie, video game, etc

- a science fiction book that fucks with your mind

- an interesting gadget, preferably steampunk

- excellent socks stay both warm and dry, dryness is crucial

- a t-shirt with a crazy design, size Medium

- something you think is very important for me to have but that I don't already have (no diseases please)

i would like:
1. endless supply of toilet paper
2. vaccuuum
3. funny looking wine-bottles/ funny-artistic logos, etc.
4. a small puppy that can fit in my palm
5. coasters
6. swiffer
7. ingredients to make weed brownies
8. weed
9. or, just the weed brownies itself would be awesome
10. a small puppy that can fit in my palm
11. $5,000
12. Someone to do my research paper by tomorrow? yes? nah....nevermind.
12. um..i need a job but i am not skilled....so nvm
12. i don't care really, if my new place can benefit from it [ps. im a neat freak] then mazeltov!!

hopefully aileen gets my name since shes the one that uses all my toilet paper newayz! HMPF!!

FREE- you can give me a 30 min back massage woohoo!

1)$10 tank top or yoga pants Size Small.

2) $15 Trail Guide to the Body Student Handbook: How to Locate Muscles, Bones and More (Spiral-bound) by Andrew Briel and Robin Dorn

I could really use this book for school :-). Its an awesome book.

link: http://www.amazon.com/Trail-Guide-Body-Student-Handbook/dp/0965853462/ref=pd_sim_hpc_1

3) $20- 30 An Obama shirt or any cool T shirt that will make me giggle

FREE TO $10:
- Mixed CD with insert cover art - Free.
- Personal artwork - Free.
- "Great Russian Short Stories" (Dover Thrift Edition), Paul Negri - $3.50.
- Classic Periodic Table Poster - ~$6 at Amazon.

$10 TO $20:
- "The Last Mughal: The Fall of a Dynasty: Delhi, 1857", William Dalrymple, $16.95 [Amazon: ~$14 (including S&H)].

$20 TO $30:
- "Silent Exodus: Portraits of Iraqi Refugees in Exile", Khaled Hosseini - $25 [Amazon: $20 (including S&H)].
- "Landmarks of Western Art: The Renaissance - A Journey of Art History Across the Ages (1999)", DVD - ~$22 at Amazon.
- NYU Book Store gift card.

OVER $30:
- Estée Lauder "Pleasures Delight" 1.7oz - $45 at Macy's.
- Sonja Picard Collection Jewelry/PETA Ahisma 16" Necklace - $150.
- Nikon D40 Digital SLR - $379.00 at B&H.

- No products from Bath & Body Works, please.
- CLOTHING. Shirts: size small. Pants: size 6. Shoes: size 8. Please include the receipt in case I need to exchange the item for a different size.
- I'm an India-phile, so anything Indian (e.g. music, Bollywood movies, documentaries, jewelry, books, clothing, devotional statues).

. One thousand paper cranes (again, i know i put this down last year..but im still into it)
. Tales of the Beatle and the Bard - JK Rowling, Prices range from - $7.59 (amazon), $9.74 (Strand) to $12.99 (normal)
. Persepolis the Movie - Around $20

Absolutely anything the santa deems fit for me or the situation
A pair of black pants - H&M size 6, generally 2-4 otherwise
An absurdly huge counterfeit watch from chinatown, please haggle down
A few of the best (strange, absurd, educational, etc) $1 books you can find at strand
A series of Poems, written by the santa
A few of the weirdest objects found on the streets of NYC

Free-$10: DOTS candy
$20-$30: "Carnivore tee" size Medium $21.50 @ delias.com item #155900
or anything with the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz for whatever price less than $30.

Poland Spring Vodka
Grey Goose


  1. i hope that girl got her vibe on.

  2. God, there's nothing I hate more than Wham!.