02 January 2009

First Post of 2009!

It's been a crazy year, Draughters! But we made it. I thought now might be a good time to start off the requisite resolution making. (And the subsequent breaking, am I right ladies?) So post a resolution or two or how ever many you may have in the comments.

Resolution #1 - Stop being a lazy bastard about my music. Actively seeking out and listening to better music.

Resolution #2 - Get into law school.

Resolution #3 - Finally get into shape!

Resolution #4 - Find a woman that appreciates my ability to belch and sneeze simultaneously.

Resolution #5 - Learn some dirty jokes.

Resolution #6 - Make up more resolutions later.

How 'bout y'all?


  1. Number four is priceless. I was thinking of sending out a message to everyone who came to the New Year's party asking them for their resolutions and then posting up all the answers here. I'll include my resolution in that.

  2. Looking like a south-american dictator.

  3. 1] Stop smoking. (Cancer sucks. I'll have to see how I'll hold up in Cuba though..)
    2] Eat less meat. (Will be difficult abroad)
    3] Spend less on things I don't need (Consumerism creates waste)
    4] Be more proactive with my artwork; make work that I'm happy and satisfied with
    5] Go farther and be more serious in my last few semesters of school
    6] Volunteer more in 09
    7] Be more organized, neat and on time
    8] Help out my family more, spend more time with all of my relatives
    9] Work on my behavior and mental health
    10] Be better to my friends and those around me