11 January 2009

New Artist Alert: DiscoTech

DiscoTech are a trio of DJs and producers from the U.S. They create a melodic, synthesizer-heavy brand of electro that's reminiscent of Kill the Noise or LAZRtag. Although they've remixed a number of their contemporaries (MIA, Stardust and TI to name a few), DiscoTech seem to fare better with bringing oldies up to speed. Olek might consider DiscoTech's remixes of Michael Jackson and the Police to be "sacrilegious," but I'm sure he'll enjoy their take on Bill O'Reilly. Gotta love DJs with a sense of humor.

Michael Jackson - Thriller (DiscoTech remix)

The Police - Roxanne (DiscoTech remix)
Bill O'Reilly - DO IT LIVE! (DiscoTech remix)


  1. The banner on top is not loading fully for me. The O'Reilly Remix is wonderful, the rest are pretty decent. Not "sacrilegious," but I feel that sometimes remixes are just an excuse to listen to oldies. Dude, are you listening to the Police? Nah, I wouldn't listen to that crap, this is the DiscoTech remix! Again, they're not bad, but I don't like the idea of artists using our collective nostalgia to hide the fact that they are unoriginal producers.

  2. Olek: The banner seems to be working fine for me. Anyone else having problems? Although I feel like sometimes people do use remixes to justify listening to oldies, I don't feel like that's true of everyone. I see nothing wrong with listening to Michael Jackson or the Police. But it is true that DJs sometimes use remixes to mask their own lack of originality. I can name a few artists who I think do amazing remixes, but whose original work is somewhat shabby. Then again, you could chalk that up to them being new to the game.

    P.S. DO IT LIVE!

  3. actually the blog wasnt loading for me all at some point, depends on the browser i guess.. and the blog's mood

    whats the MalaScoff score?

  4. MalaScoff! I love it. Well I give DiscoTech three scoffs and a sneer which is equivalent to 7.8 points out of 10. The O'Reilly mix really won me over.