04 January 2009

New Year = Semi-New Moi

So this year has been a tumultuous one. Being 21 not only brought on the legalbilty (new word for the new year) of drinking, it also rattle my life with never-ending drama. It also gave me MTA-sickness. MTA-sickness is basically me panicking the moment I step aboard a bus/train causing me to a) puke or b) faint.

Here's hoping for a good year with less drama and license, and plenty of modeling opportunities so I can stop working for low wages at retailers.

Resolutions for 2009
-to pay off my debt, all $18,000 of it
-to get my own place or become a stranger's roommate
-to stop relating my life to films, songs, and books
-to start watching more films, discovering new songs, and reading more books
-to only get tattoos while sober
-to smoke more weed and less cigarettes
-to introduce potentials to family and friends after five years of dating
-to stop blacking out after two drinks
-to not get kicked out of college because of my ADHD
-to be the coolest aunt ever
-to meet Kate Moss somehow
-to stop getting my shit stolen

Hopefully it's easier done than written. Or is it vice versa?

-Aileen Awesome


  1. At least you don't puke and faint at the same time.

  2. How did you get all that debt? Shouldn't you have a car or something with 18k spent?

  3. Haven't you noticed how stylish I am... that's where the money went a hidin'.

    It makes me sad know I could own a house somewhere in Kansas.