12 November 2008

Free New York Times

I received a free New York Times today on St. Marks. Take closer look here. And check it out online.


  1. Very cute. Was this done by the Times itself or some other group? I imagine they had to get permission to use the NYT name.

  2. def not the NYTIMES, sounds like its some guy from what I heard from the person handing it out. I wonder whats been circulating on the internet..

  3. It was definitely not produced by the NYT. If you look at the "corrections" section of the page, it pretty much rips the Times apart for its monopolistic tendencies, myopic coverage and (perceived) promotion of anti-environmentalism, amongst other things.

    I do wonder who did make this, though. Definitely someone with a very, very liberal stance on politics, enough money to print it and some type of distribution network. (It seems it was pretty widely distributed; at least two kids at Baruch had copies, which they did not receive together.) Sadly, there probably isn't a clear trail leading back to the person/organization because they're likely to face a pretty hefty copyright infringement suit.

  4. After a bit of internet detective work, I've discovered that the fake NYT was put out by the Yes Men.


    Who would've thought?

  5. The Yes Men are freaking gods. They're the only culture jammers I respect. Thoughtful, inspirational and they never lose their sense of humor. One problem, they're not claiming the NYT thing as their own. Maybe they're just trying to avoid any kind of legal problems that might arise from distributing a fake NYT, but yeah, it's possible someone else did this.