09 November 2008

I Spent My Stimulus Check on Tequila Shots V2.0

If you follow Aileen's blog, you may have noticed that she wrote up a playlist to help people suffering from S.A.D. cope with summer's passing. Reading through it, I realized there are a lot of good remixes to accompany the suggestions. So I went ahead and created a new and improved list. Also, I upped the ante by actually including links to download the songs. Now you can relive those memories from summer, but better. Like memories in HD or something.

P.S. If you are the artist or in someway own the rights to any of these songs, you should probably find something better to do than read a no-name blog created less than a week ago. Fuck supporting the artist, "meng."

P.P.S. Jaykay. I'll take it down. Please don't sue me.

Estelle feat. Kanye West - American Boy (Kill the Noise remix)
M.I.A. - Paper Planes [Impossible to make song better.]
Crystal Castles - Crimewave (Lazrtag remix)
Digitalism - Pogo (Blake Miller is Ruthless remix)
Britney Spears - Pieces of Me [Impossible to make song good.]
Hot Chip - Ready for the Floor (L.A. Riots and Villians remix)
Eve Massacre - Fuck the Kids
Black Kids - I'm Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance (80kidz remix)
Lil' Wayne - Everything [No comment.]
Jay-Z - Jockin' Jay-Z (Don Rimini remix)
The Virgins - Rich Girls (R.A.C. remix)

- Arv


  1. Excellent job! Especially for pointing out that I have good musical taste!

  2. Thanks, but I only did to point out that I have better taste.

    - Arv

  3. Great mix. Loved most of it. The Jay-Z was probably the least enjoyable of all of the. American Boy was great though. That fading out effect, plus it's just a good song.

  4. Really? I liked the Jay-Z one. I feel like you don't hear enough quality electro-hip-hop remixes.

    Actually, I guess that isn't true in the least bit. I do enjoy the song, though.