26 November 2008

I wonder what's gonna happen next.

This world is pulling in a thousand directions at once. The future calls with an irresistible siren song that we simply cannot ignore. Rocket cars and the dissolution of the United States of America. Race wars and economic turmoil. Changing demographics and social networking sites revolving around where you prefer to get drunk and meet the people you did but wouldn’t fuck unless you were in the previously mentioned state. Every second feels like doom is bearing down on us. Everything is epic. Mumbai is on fire. Pakistani backed Pushtanis wedded to Al Qaeda taking American and British hostages in five-star hotels funded by the globalism bleeding the U.S. dry. Underground, overly conscious hip-hop and a mash-up involving over fifteen different artists. Uncle Sam vs. The Phantom. It’s an endless battle, I want to get involved somehow. It’s frustrating just sitting around watching a Twitter feed constantly updating, saying the same five things over and over again, patting themselves on the back for being new media. It’s amazing and frustrating and amazingly frustrating. I’m a minute away from yelling “take arms my brothers!” but where would we march? Good vs. Evil. Is it really that simple? It never is. Can’t be. They always have their reasons, but are they good enough? At what point do you stop making excuses for murderers and say turn the place into a parking lot? I can understand conservatives sometimes. You don’t know what’s happening or why, but you know you should be scared. The future pulls in an infinite number of different directions with no regard for us. It’s as simple as fear and hope. Quantum mechanics and how to get red wine out of white carpets. Incestual, pedophilic relationships and your parents. You know they had to. At least once. Let’s hope that was it. Thoughts and Novels. Unwanted thoughts and poorly written novels. Waking up from a dream because you realize it’s a dream or finding yourself stuck in a nightmare. There’s too much going on. No news is good news.


  1. i feel awful about mumbai..
    theres a lot we can do, should we try to coordinate something?

  2. "I want to get involved somehow."

    I feel like that's the sentiment of our generation. The better part of it, at least.

    Kat: What can we do to help?

  3. I spoke to an old advisor of mine, that since it was a large scale murder and not a natural disaster, its not as obvious in what ays we could help. He doesn't know of any large international relief going on as of yet.
    I remember reading that they needed ppl to donate blood, but that seems to be a little out of our hands.
    I'm just thinking about all those families that lost.. Other than donating some money.. i'm not sure what we can do