02 May 2009

Artist of the Week


Although Julian Schnabel's isn't exalted for his modesty,

"I'm the closest thing to Picasso that
you'll see in this *#@ life" (from Wikipedia),

his ingenious plate paintings, which integrate broken ceramic plates to create images with varying textures, are extraordinary. The novelty of Schnabel's work is reminiscent of Seurat's pointillism pieces, in which small dots of paint create an image, that strangely enough remind me of the discrete quantization of matter. Yes, I've been a chemistry student for far too long.

Not only does this man create eloquent fine art, but has also directed The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, a French foreign film that I behoove you to watch at some point in your life. Here is a clip to catch your interest:


  1. Cocky fuck, ain't he? I suppose his movie supports his claim to genius, but I'm not so sure about his art. Maybe I just need to see more of it.

  2. Really? But the textures are great. Seems like a tremendous amount of time was invested into creating it, which is admirable because modern art nowadays consists of blank canvases or some bullshit found art.

  3. DAMMIT!!!
    There is a famous Italian or French movie with that nearly exact (there was no sealed mouth but he was mute)same scene on a beach.... But what is it called?!?!

    Too lazy to look at last year's note, I'm calling bullshit on this guy calling himself a genius. Genius aren't allowed to copycat!! They make people copycat them :D.