02 May 2009

New Artist Alert: CLUES

Who remembers The Unicorns?

The group unfortunately disbanded in late 2004 leaving us eager for something equally fun and melodious. Luckily, Clues was formed in 2007 to excite our aural sensations.

Silverlake Steps - Clues - "Perfect Fit" from We Listen on Vimeo.

The band is made up of Alden Penner (former vocalist of The Unicorns), Brendan Reed (The Arcade Fire), Ben Borden, Lisa Gamble, and Nick Scribner, thereby creating a sound much akin to The Unicorns and Arcade Fire. Every song is engaging in its own manner for each has a similar melodic theme but evolves completely differently. Some of their stuff is geared towards the sappy-lyric obsessed emo kids (like me), while others are a bit more upbeat and danceable to (hey, I enjoy this too, don't call me an emo kid!). They will be in New York on June 17th, for which my friend Mike will be traveling to all the way from Rhode Island! (Nudge, I think all of you New Yorkers should make the subway trip). The show is $12 and available for purchase at: TicketWeb.


  1. I'm down, although I think the first video was better than the second.

  2. There's evidence of musical/aesthetic maturation. The Unicorns were in their late teens/early 20s when they made that video. Everyone has to grow up someday.