27 May 2009

Creative Projects

Alright, we (Kat, Diana and I) have been brain storming all afternoon and we came up with a few ideas for summer projects. I will list a few here.

  • Parkour / Freerunning
  • Urban Exploration (ties into Parkour)
  • Cooking Show
  • Capture the Flag with homemade flags (Summer Tournament)
  • Some kind of pet service
  • Making Halloween costumes
  • Modern Art
  • Making babies (ties into Modern Art)
  • Repairing my moped
  • Fake Murder?
  • Starting a cult (already have a base, just need to formalize system)
  • Martial Arts/Dojo
  • Flash Mobs
  • Mural in my apartment/on my walls
  • Old Chocolate Projects
  • Soup
  • Restaurant based around Old Italian Women  (O.I.W.s)
  • Videogame
  • Photography Comic
  • Silent Film (get Sean to compose score)
  • Mouse(computer)/Car Bedazzling
  • Getting Jobs/Making Money
  • Arkady's Glow in the Dark Bike 
  • Comedy Troupe
  • Party on Arkady's Roof (huge parties)
  • Welding two bikes together
  • Blog about chip shapes
OK, so you guys can tell us what you think, which projects you will be interested in doing. You can also add ideas and tell us which people have skills that would be helpful for these projects.


  1. Already got an offer through email for a $10,000 scholarship for law school if we can make a video explaining my inspiration for going to law school. Who wants to help out with this?

  2. Put me down for: Urban Exploration, Capture the Flag, Making Halloween costumes, the party on Arkady's roof, and that scholarship video. I can't help with much besides Arkady's party, but I'll try my best.

    Also, who the fuck is Diana?

  3. lmao. i love this list! i am down for: the cooking show, capture the flag, pet service, soup (are we talking about making soup??), photography comic, partying on ark's roof, and blogging about chip shapes.

    there's this really awesome project that aileen suggested a while back: youtube "alberto nem perez santogold shove it"

  4. we could totally do one of downtown new york or williamsburg. this is totally aileen's idea...i'm just mentioning it to you guys. :D

  5. I'm totally down for my idea (lol) and partying on a rooftop!

  6. Anyone interested in Urban Exploration should visit http://www.vanishingpoint.ca/