30 March 2009

Courtesy of Gavin

Gavin showed me this a few weeks ago. Apparently, he was chilling with Dan Le Sac at SXSW.

P.S. If you want FREE Street Carnage stickers, leave your name and address as a comment, and I'll get them to you type quick.


  1. Can I have like 50 stickers so that I can make a sticker dress? Wouldn't that be funny? I think you'd shoot me, though. For indecent exposure.

    I want some. Give me some. I'll find SB for Gavin, so he can become my BFF.

  2. give me stickers, it gives me an excuse to speak to cute man-whores.

  3. Dan Le Sac is pretty fly and it is cool that Gavin met him.

  4. Oh yea... do I have to watch the video? Can't you just tell me about it?

  5. Aileen, the video's only like three minutes long. Do you really not have three minutes to spare?