06 March 2009

Friday Morning Blues


It's been too long.

The Legislative Office Building (the place where I work) is a 7 story building constructed in a modernist, imposing, Imperial style. Today, Friday, it is an empty shell. On Tuesdays there are so many lobbyists in the building that you have to wait up to ten minutes to catch an elevator. On Wednesdays you can always grab a free breakfast. On Thursdays all the Senators need to collect their shit to get back to their districts for the weekend. These days are active, interesting and full of purpose. Fridays are the shit you take after a week-long bender. Fuck, I'm just hung-over, don't listen to me, Fridays are alright.

So! Maybe you want to know about the internal workings of the State government. Those soft cogs we call representatives are just normal people. They curse, smoke, drink, and believe things for absolutely no reason. Senator Diane Savino and I are not on good terms. We're not on bad terms, there just hasn't been a great deal of interaction between the two of us. I've been trying to catch her while she smokes a cigarette outside, but it never quite works out.

It's getting later in the morning and the phones are starting to ring, the mail is piling up and my co-workers are beginning to demand things of me. We will have to talk later.


  1. Sounds like everything I imagined it would be.

  2. Yacki, I enjoy your avatar/comment synergy. Arvind, stop acting like you know everything.

  3. Yacki: That bitch is not a cougar.

    Olek: Fuck you.