25 March 2009

My rant...

Why is it that when one of your cavity fillings comes out and you don't have health insurance you either have the option of A) letting your tooth decay until the pain becomes so unbearable that you will (A1) lose your tooth or (A2) need a route canal (an $800-$1000 procedure), or option B) paying hundreds of dollars (~$200-$400) for a gratuitous amount of X-rays and a single tooth filling? Why is it that today in America we don't have universal health care, and the mere mention of it drives some people to heavily politicize the situation? HEY, I simply need health care! I don't care if you think associating universal health care with socialism will discourage me from bitching. If you think universal health care, "A.K.A." socialism, is bad, I'd rather just be considered Canadian. It's been months since I went to the doctor. My lungs are growing weaker every single time I get sick. I've been sick three times in the past 9 months, each time with bronchial infections, and in only one instance was I actually able to take antibiotics (which cost me $120 for a 10 day supply). I don't shit money, and my job won't offer me health insurance because I'm a motherfucking intern, a part-timer that doesn't get all of the benefits of a multi-billion dollar company. UGH! The frustration.

Oh, and don't get me started with the motherfucking MTA. They're vicious with their fare hikes. It seems it was only months ago that they raised the monthly unlimited from $76 to $81, but now $103? For fucking Christ's sake, so many people have been laid off, and as aforementioned, I have so many expenses as it is. Let's pray to God that the fare hike proposal is not passed tomorrow.

Should I just move to Canada? Would they welcome me?


  1. Don't go to Canada. They may welcome you with open arms, but they'll also kill your soul.